ICUDBE 2013 Presentations

International Conference on Universal Design in the Built Environment 2013 has successfully held on 11th & 12th November 2013 at Hall 1, Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Malaysia. 

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As promised, below is the list of Presentation's softcopies for your reference:

Session 1: Green Technology

Key Note Speech 1: Prof. Datuk Ar. Dr. Amer Hamzah Mohd Yunus - President of Board of Architects Malaysia 
Paper Title: Malaysia's Green Technology: Protocols Initiatives (click here)

Key Note Speech 2: Emeritus Prof. Dr. Ismawi Hj. Zen - Holder of Al-Bukhary Chair, KAED/Director of KUDU
Paper Title: Khilafah of Man on the Environment: Sustainable Development for International Islamic University Malaysia (click here) 

GT01. Presenter: Shirin Vosoughi
Paper Title: Designing Plans for Bicycle Stations with Special Consideration for Disabled Patrons (click here)

GT02. Presenter: Fatin Nadia Rusli
Paper Title: Bird Guilds as Ecological Indicator for Urban Biodiversity Richness in Malaysia (click here)

GT03. Presenter: Che Raiskandar Che Rahim
Paper Title: High Rise School: Design Criteria in context of Kuala Lumpur (click here)

GT04. Presenter: Zainul Mukrim Baharuddin
Paper Title: Environmental Attitude of The People and Stakeholders towards Urban Biodiversity in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (click here)

GT05. Presenter: Asst. Prof. Dr. Shamzani Affendy Mohd Din 
Paper Title: Scientific Comparative Study on the Traditional and Modern Coating for Iron Surface Protection:- Beeswax and Paraloid B-72 (click here)

Session 2: Universal Design

Key Note 1: Joseph Kwan - Hong Kong
Paper Title: Universal Design: Architect’s Social Responsibility (click here)

Key Note 2: Prof. Dato' Ar. Dr. Asiah Abdul Rahim - Chairman 1 ICUDBE 2013/Director of KUDU
Paper Title: Application of Universal Design in Malaysia: KAED Universal Design as Research and Training Centre for Malaysia (click here)

UD01. Presenter: Liyana Mohamed Yusof
Paper Title: Universal Design Legislation and Standards in Malaysian Housing (click here)

UD04. Presenter: Nurbazliah Zaidin
Paper Title: Campus Landscape Environment for Student with Disabilities (SWDs) in IIUM (click here)

UD05. Presenter: Nur Balqis Ahmad Safawi
Paper Title: Assistive Devices for Disabled Elderly in Elderly Care: A Literature Review (click here)

UD06. Presenter: Dr. Naziaty Mohd Yaacob
Paper Title: Providing Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities in Malaysia (click here)

UD07. Presenter: Ismail Jasmani
Paper Title: Interior Design Elements and Facilities for Disabled People in the Mosque: Are We Providing the “Needs”? (click here)

UD08. Presenter: Hikmah Kamarudin
Paper Title: Auditing Malaysian Standard Compliance for Disabled Access and Facilities in Local Authority Buildings and its Surrounding (click here)

UD09. Presenter: Mansor Ibrahim
Paper Title: Accessible Built Environment for the Disabled at Shopping Mall: Wangsa Walk Mall as a Case Study (click here)

UD10. Presenter: Musdi Shanat
Paper Title: Aesthetic-Usability Effect: Formulating Design Decision Choice Technique (click here)

Session 3: Heritage & Conservation

Key Note 1: Asst. Prof. Dr. Farhang Mozaffar - Iran
Paper Title: The ‘Arc of Descent’ and the ‘Arc of Ascent’ as an Approach in Architectural Design and Recognition (click here)

Key Note 2: Dr. James Douglas Harrison - Ireland
Paper Title: The Familiar and The Strange: The Limits of Universal Design in the European Context (click here)

HC01. Presenter: Mehrnaz Azadi Boyaghchi
Paper Title: Introducing Gum Sarcocolla Extract as A Suitable Agent for Cleaning Soot from Oil Paintings (click here)

HC02. Presenter: Mehrnaz Azadi Boyaghchi
Paper Title: Investigating the Reasons of Yellowing in a Persian Paper Manuscript (click here)
HC03. Presenter: Rami Alafandi
Paper Title: Architectural Heritage of Aleppo; Past, Present and Future (click here)

HC04. Presenter: Moien Rostamian
Paper Title: Qualitative Comparative Analaysis (QCA) of Theories and Methods for Developing Virtual Museum: Identification of the Issues and Problems (click here)

HC05. Presenter: Nurul Syala
Paper Title: Exploring Method of Assessment for Heritage District: A Case Study of Kuala Kangsar, Perak (click here)

Session 4: Tourism & Built Environment

Key Note 1: Prof. Dr. Satoshi Kose - Japan
Paper Title:  Japanese Struggle Toward Inclusive Built Environment: Can It Catch Up with the Speed of Ageing and Economic Changes? (click here)

Key Note 2: Prof. Ar. Dr. Ahmed Farid Moustapha - Saudi Arabia
Paper Title: Islamic Values in Contemporary Urbanism (click here)

TBE01. Presenter: Nur Rasyiqah Abu Hassan
Paper Title: Implementation of Safe City Program for A Liveable City: The Case of Kuala Lumpur (click here)

TBE02. Presenter: Fitrynadia Mohd Shahli
Paper Title: The Impact of Landscape Design on House Prices and Values in Urban Areas (click here)

TBE03. Presenter: Nur Amirah Abd Samad
Paper Title: Optimum Healing Spaces of Public Areas for Children Aged 4 to 12 in Malaysian Hospitals (click here)

TBE05. Presenter: Sufian Hamat
Paper Title: People's Preference for People Place at Shopping Malls in Malaysia (click here)

TBE07. Presenter: Alaa Bashiti 
Paper Title: The Accessibility in Shopping Malls for Person with Disabilities (PWDs): An Overview (click here)

TBE09. Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Datin Ar. Norwina Mohd Nawawi
Paper Title: Health Facility Planning and Healthcare Architecture: The Conflict and The Advantage in Project Implementation Towards Clarifying the Role of Architects and Health Facility Planners - Malaysian Experience (click here)

*We would like to remind you to acknowledge any materials uploaded in our website to avoid plagiarism issues with your works. Kindly please referred accordingly in your reference section*